Judge Lafferty’s Procedures for Noticing and Conducting Hearings

Judge Lafferty’s Procedures for Noticing and Conducting Hearings

(Effective September 1, 2023) 

Effective September 1, 2023, all debtors, creditors, counsel, and other interested parties shall comply with the following procedures when noticing or participating in hearings in cases assigned to Judge Lafferty. Failure to comply with these procedures might result in vacatur of a hearing or the imposition of sanctions.

For available hearing dates and times, please continue to refer to Judge Lafferty’s Open Calendar Procedures  .

Non-Evidentiary Hearings. Judge Lafferty will conduct all non-evidentiary hearings in-person in the courtroom, unless ordered otherwise. If authorized, parties may appear via Zoom/AT&T Teleconference. Please refer to the Judge’s posted calendars   for the Zoom/AT&T Teleconference information.

* For purposes of these procedures, “non-evidentiary” hearings are those in which witness testimony will not be taken.

Evidentiary Hearings. Trials and evidentiary hearings where the evidentiary presentation will include live testimony will be conducted in person, unless ordered otherwise.

Chambers Copies. Chambers copies are only required for Motions for Summary Judgment and pleadings in support or opposition of Chapter 11 Plan Confirmation.

Notice requirements for matters set for non-evidentiary hearing before Judge Lafferty.

The notice of hearing must state that (1) hearings will be held in person but that parties may attend by Zoom Webinar/AT&T Teleconference, (2) additional information is available on Judge Lafferty’s Procedures page on the court’s website, and (3) information on how to attend the hearing by Zoom Webinar/AT&T Teleconference will be included with each calendar posted under Judge Lafferty’s Calendar on the court’s website.