Judge Novack’s Practices and Procedures for In-Person Hearings

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Judge Novack’s Practices and Procedures for In-Person Hearings

1. Beginning October 17, 2022, all matters before Judge Novack will be conducted in person, in the courtroom, unless otherwise ordered by the court.  However, counsel and interested parties may appear at the hearing by Zoom.  Prior court approval is not required for in person or Zoom appearances. 

2. Counsel appearing at the hearing in person or by Zoom will be able to see counsel appearing in the alternate manner. 

3. Judge Novack asks that all persons appearing in person be fully vaccinated against COVID and maintain appropriate social distancing when in the courtroom.

4. Any individual exhibiting COVID symptoms may only participate in the hearing by Zoom.

5. Individuals appearing in person must comply with any mask mandate in effect at the time of the hearing in Alameda County.

6. Specific procedures for any evidentiary hearing shall be determined by Judge Novack in consultation with counsel.

7. Notice requirements for matters set for hearing before Judge Novack on or after October 17, 2022: 

The notice of hearing must state that (1) counsel, parties, and other interested parties may attend the hearing in person or by Zoom, (2) additional information is available on Judge Novack’s Procedures page on the court’s website, and (3) information on attending the hearing by Zoom will be provided on Judge Novack’s calendar, posted no later than seven (7) days prior to the hearing date.