E-Orders Procedure

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I. Uploading Orders
When a proposed order is uploaded in CM/ECF (via Bankruptcy or Adversary/Order Upload) counsel should link it to the appropriate motion. Do not link the order to a request for default. Counsel submitting orders generally do not need to include any form of transmittal letter. A proof of service of proposed orders in accordance with B.L.R. 9021-1 should be docketed separately. The proof of service should be docketed in CM/ECF before the Order is uploaded (via Bankruptcy/Miscellaneous/Certificate of Service - add to text “regarding proposed order,” and reference the original motion entry). Similarly, any declarations of default or other documents necessary for the review of an order should be docketed before uploading the order. Do not put “proposed” in the title of the order.

II. Court Service List
In general, orders should be served only on specified respondents or on parties opposing the relief granted (or seeking the relief denied). As indicated in B.L.R. 9022-1, counsel who are Registered Participants in the Court’s ECF system, and who have appeared in the case or adversary proceeding, will receive a Notice of Electronic Filing of the order. Accordingly, the court service list at the end of orders shall only include the names of counsel, parties, or creditors who are not registered CM/ECF Participants in the case or proceeding. (To view a list of Registered Participants in a particular case or adversary proceeding, go to UTILITIES in ECF; click on "Mailings . . . “ click on "Mailing Info for a Case No."; insert the case number; then click SUBMIT). If service of the order is not necessary, counsel should indicate that on the court service list.

In addition, all creditors and parties shown on the court service list shall be formatted as follows:
* The list should be left justified in a single column. Do not use a 2 or 3 column format.
* Names and addresses should be in upper and lower case, not all upper case.
* The names on the court service list shall be alphabetized by first name.
* Do not include any Personal Data Document Identifiers. (e.g., DO NOT Include: Social Security numbers, Account numbers, Name of minor children, or dates of birth.).

In cases where the court service list contains more than fifty names, the court will not serve the order. Rather, promptly upon entry of the order, counsel must serve the signed order and thereafter file a proof of service with the court.