CM/ECF Becomes Official Case Record in Santa Rosa Division


Notice of Designation of CM/ECF as the Official Case Record for the
Santa Rosa Division,
Pursuant to the Court’s Interim Operating Order Section 2. B


The undersigned, in consultation with Santa Rosa Division Manager Dennis Bilecki, hereby designates the CM/ECF system as the official case file for all pleadings/documents filed in the Santa Rosa division, effective Monday, March 1, 2004. Any document filed in paper form on or after that date shall be scanned (imaged) by Clerk’s Office staff and the electronic document so created shall be the official record.

Pursuant to Section 2 of the Court’s Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing, all original filed paper documents which are scanned by Clerk's Office staff will be subsequently arranged by file date in a day-file bin and held for a period of five days by the Clerk's Office and then recycled. Parties and attorneys who wish to retrieve the original paper documents may visit or send a representative to this divisional office to locate the documents from the day-file bin for retrieval.

The court appreciates the efforts of staff and the bar which have made this noteworthy day possible.


Dated: February 24, 2004

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