Federal Records Center (FRC) File Order Procedure






The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Pacific Region-San Francisco, Federal Records Center, at 1000 Commodore Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066 no longer provides on-site court case review services to the public. This change applies to all closed cases files that remain in the legal custody of the court but are physically stored at the NARA, San Bruno facility.


NARA will continue to provide copies of court case files directly to the customer online or by mail/fax/e-mail or the customer may order the file and copies directly from the court.


Customers Seeking To Order Copies of Court Files directly from NARA:


If you wish to obtain the case file information directly from NARA via online, mail, fax or e-mail, you must contact the court to obtain the FRC case file information: Agency Box Number; Accession Number and Location Number then proceed with one of the following methods:


To order files online:


1. Visit the National Archives "Order Online" page (https://eservices.archives.gov/orderonline)

2. Click on "Order Reproductions.

3. Click on Court Records

4. Select the appropriate court (Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal, or Court of Appeals

5. Follow the onscreen prompts.


To order court records via mail/fax/e-mail:


1. Visit the National Archives Court Records Information Page (http://www.archives.gov/research/court-records).

2. Download and complete the appropriate request form (Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal, or Court of Appeals). Form: NATF Form 90 (modified 8-2011)

3. Mail/fax/e-mail the form to the appropriate facility (see page 2 of the request form for contact information).


Note: Revised copies of all NARA court records request forms are located on the above-referenced National Archives Court Records Information page (http://www.archives.gov/research/court-records).


Note: The fees to obtain copies of court records from NARA's Federal Record Centers will not change under this new policy. Public customers seeking to review court cases will need to contact the court directly to arrange to review the case file at the court.


Customer Requesting Closed Case from Court (review prior to ordering documents):


1. Customer is required to pay court retrieval fee at Intake. The retrieval fee must be paid in advance of court ordering file. Refer to the Court Fee Schedule at www.canb.uscourts.gov for appropriate retrieval fee amount.

2. Court will order case from FRC and notify customer upon receipt of court file.

3. Customer requesting copies of court file must pay in advance of court making copies. Refer to the Court Fee Schedule for appropriate copy charges.