1015-1. Related Cases.

(a)  Defined.
Related cases are cases where assignment to a single Judge would promote efficient administration of the estates or avoid conflicting or inconsistent rulings. Related cases may include: spouses; a partnership and one or more of its general partners; two or more general partners; two or more debtors having an interest in the same asset; or a debtor and an affiliate.
(b)  Notice of Related Cases.
In the event there are related bankruptcy cases, the debtor shall file a Notice of Related Case(s) at the time of filing of a petition for relief, and shall serve a copy of the notice upon the United States Trustee, other than when filed by ECF. The notice shall list the name, filing date, and case number of any related cases.
(c)  Transfer.
The Court may, on its own motion or upon the motion of a party in interest, order a case transferred to another Bankruptcy Judge based on the Court's determination as to whether a case is related and whether the transfer will promote the efficient administration of the estates or avoid inconsistent or conflicting rulings.
(d)  Procedure.
A motion by a party in interest to transfer a case or cases shall be addressed to the Judge presiding in the earliest filed case and served on the debtors and all trustees appointed in the cases.