2002-2. Notification of Address Change.

(a)  Notice of Change of Address.
A party proceeding pro se or an attorney whose address changes while appearing in a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding, must promptly file and serve a Notice of Change of Address specifying the new address.
(b)  Filing.
A Notice of Change of Address must be filed in all open bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings in which the attorney or pro se party appears.  A Notice of Change of Address should not be filed in a closed bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding.
(c)  Service.
Service to ECF Registered Participants pursuant to this rule may be made electronically via an ECF generated Notice of Electronic Filing.  Service of a Notice of Change of Address must be to:

(1) Debtor(s);

(2) Attorney representing the debtor(s) (if any);

(3) Bankruptcy case trustee (if any);

(4) United States Trustee;

(5) All parties having appeared in opposition to the pro se party or to a party represented by the attorney, by having filed a complaint, motion, application, objection or similar document, or a response to such a filed document; and

(6) All persons or entities having appeared by filing a Notice of Appearance, a Request for Notice or any similar document requesting notice.

(d)  Debtor Statement of Address.
Nothing contained in this rule shall be construed to relieve or otherwise modify the duty of a debtor pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 4002(a) to file a statement of any change of the debtor’s address.