3007-1. Objections to Claim.

Monday, March 14, 2016
(a)  Copy of Claim.
Unless the Court orders otherwise, on an objection to claim, a copy of the claim, absent any attachments or exhibits, shall be included.

(b)  Factual Dispute.
Where a factual dispute is involved, the initial hearing on an objection shall be deemed a status conference at which the Court will not receive evidence.  Where the objection involves only a matter of law, the matter may be argued at the initial hearing.  Any notice of hearing on a claim objection shall so state.
(c)  Time and Manner of Service.
B.L.R. 9014-1(b) and (c) shall apply to Objections to Claims made under this rule, except that the notice provision of B.L.R. 9014-1(b)(3)(A) (time to object and request a hearing), the notice provision of B.L.R. 9014-1(c)(1) and the notice provision of B.L.R. 9014-1(c)(2) (notice of scheduled hearing date) shall each be 30 days. Service of the objection shall be in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 3007(a)(2).