4002-1. Designation of Responsible Individual.

(a)  Every debtor or debtor-in-possession which is not an individual shall file with the Court an application and proposed order appointing a natural person to be responsible for the duties and obligations of the debtor or debtor-in-possession. The order shall identify such person by name and include the person's address, telephone number, and position within the organization. If the duties are to be divided among two or more individuals, the responsibilities of each shall be specified. The application and order shall be filed with the petition, or promptly thereafter.
(b)  If any natural person designated under subparagraph (a) of this rule ceases to perform the designated duties of the debtor or debtor-in-possession, either because such person has ceased to be affiliated with the debtor or debtor-in-possession or for any other reason, the debtor or debtor-in-possession shall promptly file a statement to that effect, accompanied by either (i) an application and proposed order appointing a successor natural person to perform such duties, or (ii) a statement that there is no natural person willing and able to serve in that capacity. Any notice or application filed under this subparagraph (b) shall be served on any trustee appointed in the case, on counsel for (or if there is no counsel, the members of) any committee appointed in the case, on the United States Trustee, and on any party who has requested notice pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 2002(i). Upon the filing of a notice or application under this subparagraph, the Court may, on the request of any party or on its own motion, take such action as it deems appropriate in the circumstances. Neither this subparagraph nor the filing of any application or notice under this subparagraph shall have any effect on the duties, obligations or responsibilities of the person previously designated under subparagraph (a) of this rule unless the Court orders otherwise.