7007-1. Motions In Adversary Proceeding.

(a)  Time.
Except as otherwise ordered, and except for motions made during the course of trial, all motions shall be filed and served at least 28 days before the hearing date.

(b)  Opposition.
Any opposition to a motion shall be filed and served at least 14 days before the hearing date.

(c) Statement of No Opposition.
If the party against which the motion is directed does not oppose the motion, that party shall file a Statement of No Opposition within the time for filing and serving any opposition.

(d)  Counter-Motions.
Together with an opposition, a party responding to a motion may file a counter-motion related to the subject matter of the original motion. Such counter-motion shall be noticed for hearing on the same date as the original motion.

(e)  Reply.
Any reply to an opposition, or opposition to a counter-motion, shall be filed and served by the moving party at least 7 days before the hearing.

(f)  Motion Papers.
B.L.R.s 9013-1, 9013-2 and 9013-3 shall apply to motions filed in adversary proceedings.