7042-1. Related Adversary Proceedings.

(a)  Related Adversary Proceedings.
Any adversary proceeding is related to another when both concern:
(1) Some of the same parties and is based on the same or similar claims; or
(2) Some of the same property, transactions or events; or
(3) The same facts and the same questions of law; or
(4) When both adversary proceedings appear likely to involve duplication of labor or might create conflicts and unnecessary expenses if heard by different Judges.
(b)  Notice of Related Adversary Proceedings.
Whenever a party knows or learns that an adversary proceeding, filed in or removed to this Court, is (or the party believes that the action may be) related to another adversary proceeding which is or was pending in this Court, the party shall promptly file a Notice of Related Adversary Proceeding. The Notice shall be filed in the later-filed adversary proceeding in which the party is appearing and shall be served on all known parties to each related case.
(c)  Contents of Notice.
A Notice of Related Adversary Proceeding shall include:
(1) The date the related adversary proceeding was filed and the current status of that proceeding; and
(2) The title and case number; and
(3) A brief statement of the relationship of the actions according to the criteria set forth in section (a) above.
(d)  Transfer.
The Court may, on its own motion or upon the motion of a party in interest, order an adversary proceeding transferred to another Bankruptcy Judge based on the Court's determination that the proceeding is related and that the transfer will promote efficient adjudication of the actions or avoid inconsistent or conflicting rulings.
(e)  Procedure.
A motion by a party in interest to transfer an adversary proceeding or proceedings shall be addressed to the Judge presiding in the earlier filed adversary proceeding and served on all known parties in each of the related adversary proceedings.