9006-1. Enlargement or Shortening of Time.


(a) Requirements for Changing Time.
Except as provided in paragraph (b), approval of the Court is required to enlarge or to shorten time to perform any act or to file any paper pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Bankruptcy Rules, or these Bankruptcy Local Rules.
(b) Stipulation for Changing Time.
Parties may stipulate in writing, without a Court order, to extend the time within which to answer or otherwise respond to the complaint or to enlarge or shorten the time in matters not required to be filed with the Court, provided the change will not alter the date of any hearing or conference set by the Court. Such stipulations shall be promptly filed pursuant to B.L.R. 1002-1.
(c) Requests for Changing Time.
Any request to enlarge or shorten time may be made by stipulation or motion. Absent exigent circumstances, any motion shall be heard on at least 72 hours notice to the respondent. Any request, whether made by stipulation or motion, shall be accompanied by a declaration stating:
(1) The reason for the particular enlargement or shortening of time requested;
(2) Previous time modifications related to the subject of the request, whether by stipulation or Court order;
(3) The effect of the requested time modification on the schedule for the case or proceeding; and
(4) Where the request is not made by stipulation, the efforts made to speak with the respondent and, if the movant has spoken with the respondent, the reasons given for any refusal to agree to the request.