9013-2. Motions; To Whom Made.

(a)  Assigned Case.
Motions, applications and objections will be determined by the Judge to whom the case or proceeding is assigned, except as may be otherwise ordered by the assigned Judge. In the Judge's discretion, or upon request by counsel and with the Judge's approval, a motion may be determined without oral argument, or by conference telephone call.
(b)  Unassigned Case or Judge Unavailable.
A motion, application, or objection may be presented to any other Bankruptcy Judge of the same division as the assigned Judge or, if no such Judge is available, to the Chief Bankruptcy Judge or Acting Chief Bankruptcy Judge when:
(1) The assigned Judge is unavailable and an emergency requires prompt action; or
(2) An order is necessary before an action or proceeding can be filed.
(c) Unavailable.
For purposes of this rule, a Judge is unavailable if the Judge has filed a certificate of unavailability or such unavailability is certified by the Judge's courtroom deputy, law clerk, judicial assistant or secretary.