9021-1. Submission of Orders.

(a) Prior to Hearings.
Unless authorized by the judge or in the assigned judge's posted policies for submission of proposed orders through ECF, no proposed forms of orders granting or denying motions shall be submitted with the moving or opposition papers prior to hearing. A copy of a proposed form of order may be attached as an exhibit to a notice or memorandum.
(b) At Hearings.
If authorized by the judge, the prevailing party may submit a proposed order to the Judge hearing the matter at the conclusion of the hearing after permitting all other counsel appearing at the hearing to review the proposed order.
(c) After Hearings.
If a form of order is not approved by the Judge at the conclusion of the hearing, the prevailing party, or such other party ordered to do so by the Judge hearing the motion, shall submit a proposed order to the Judge promptly thereafter. The order shall contain the signatures of any other counsel who appeared at the hearing, approving it as to form, or shall be accompanied by a certificate of service evidencing service of the proposed order on all such counsel. Orders not approved as to form will ordinarily be lodged for 7 days after service.