9022-1. Notice of Entry of Order and Judgment.

(a)  Service List.
Each order or judgment submitted to the Court, including those submitted through ECF, shall be accompanied by a Court Service List identifying, in alphabetical order, all parties required to be served with the order under applicable federal and local rules together with their counsel of record (if any). The Court Service List should not include those parties who have appeared in the case or adversary proceeding by counsel who are ECF Registered Participants.
(b)  Notice of Entry of Order.
Upon the entry of each order or judgment on the Court docket, the Notice of Electronic Filing shall constitute notice of entry of judgments and orders by the Court upon all Registered Participants. A paper copy of the order or judgment will be served by the Court on all parties on the Court Service List submitted pursuant to subparagraph (a) above. The date the order of judgment was entered will be reflected on the copy served, which will constitute notice of entry of the order or judgment on non-registered parties.