9042-2. Qualifications of Resolution Advocates.

(a)  Attorneys.
In order to qualify for service as a Resolution Advocate, each attorney applicant shall certify to the Court that the applicant:
(1) Is, and has been, a member in good standing of the bar of any state or of the District of Columbia for at least 5 years;
(2) Is a member in good standing of the federal courts for the Northern District of California;
(3) Has served as the principal attorney of record in active matters in at least 3 bankruptcy cases (without regard to the party represented) from case commencement to the earlier of the date of the application or conclusion of the case, or has served as the principal attorney of record for a party in interest in at least 3 adversary proceedings or contested matters from commencement through conclusion; and
(4) Is willing to serve as a Resolution Advocate for the next one year term of appointment, and to undertake to evaluate, mediate or facilitate settlement of matters no more often than once each quarter of that year, subject only to unavailability due to conflicts, personal or professional commitments, or other matters which would make such service inappropriate.
(5) Attorneys who do not have the bankruptcy experience described in B.L.R. 9042-2(a)(3), but who do have adequate alternative dispute resolution training and experience to qualify them for appointment as Resolution Advocates, shall be considered qualified for purposes of this rule provided they satisfy the requirements of B.L.R. 9042-2(a)(1), (2) and (4).
(b)  Non-attorney Resolution Advocates.
Each non-attorney applicant shall submit a statement of professional qualifications, experience, training and other information demonstrating, in the applicant's opinion, why the applicant should be appointed to the Panel. In addition, such applicants shall also make the same certification required of attorney applicants as set forth in B.L.R. 9042-2(a)(4).