9049-1. Procedures Upon Completion of BDRP Conference.

Upon the conclusion of the BDRP conference, the following procedure shall be followed:

(a) If the parties have reached an agreement regarding the disposition of the Matter, the parties shall determine who shall prepare the writing to dispose of the Matter, and they may continue the BDRP conference to a date convenient to all parties and the Resolution Advocate if necessary. The Court will accommodate parties who desire to place any resolution of a Matter on the record during or following the BDRP conference. Where required, they shall promptly submit the fully executed stipulation to the Court for approval;

(b) The Resolution Advocate shall file with the Court and serve on the parties and the BDRP Administrator's staff assistant, within 14 days, a certificate in the form provided by the Court, showing whether there has been compliance with the BDRP conference requirements of these Local Rules, and whether or not a settlement has been reached. Regardless of the outcome of the BDRP conference, the Resolution Advocate will not provide the Court with any details of the substance of the conference.