Court Locations

Office of the Clerk

All court visitors are required to provide a valid driver's license or government issued picture identification card to the court security officers, prior to entering the Clerk's Office and courtroom. Persons without the proper identification will be prohibited from entering the premises

Mailing Address: 

450 Golden Gate Avenue
Mail Box 36099
San Francisco CA 94102


450 Golden Gate Ave., 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94102

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Public parking lots are available within the vicinity of the courthouse

Public Transportation:
MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway); BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit); and other SF Bay Area Transit Info.

Staff Listing: 

Clerk of Court:
Edward Emmons

Chief Deputy:
Mark Busby

Staff Attorney:
Ron Mastroianni

Public Relations Coordinator/Policy Analyst:
Wendy Kan

Administrative Assistant:
Harry Pagan
(415) 268-2355

Administrative Services

Finance and Budget Manager:
Christopher Gundayao
(415) 268-2344

Financial Specialist:
Fritzie Quach
(415) 268-2319

Procurement and Property Administrator:
Suzanne McBride
(415) 268-2334

Human Resources Specialist:
Corrine Jew
(415) 268-2332

Web and Multimedia Developer/Administrator:
Mike Rockland

Operations Manager:
Madelyn Choi

Information Technology

Information Technology Manager:
Michael Roxas

Information Technology Coordinator:
Lynda Lee

Quality Assurance Programmer/Statistician:
Eliza Ng

Applications Developer:
Bharathi Ramanan

Information Systems Specialist:
Steve Fox

Systems Administrator:
Chen Woo

Quality Control Coordinator:
Kristina Stangl

ECF Technical Support:
(415) 268-2349