Important Information

Documents Filed in Error

A document incorrectly filed in a case may be the result of posting the wrong PDF file to a docket entry, or selecting the wrong document type from the menu, or simply entering the wrong case number and not catching the error before the transaction is completed.  Do not attempt to refile the document.


"Contact the Divisonal Office and request a correction"


as soon as possible after and error is discovered.  Be sure to have the case number and document number for which the correction is being requested.  If appropriate, the Court will make an entry indicating that the document was filed in error. You will be advised if you need to refile the document.  The system will not permit you to make changes to the document(s) or docket entry filed in error once the transaction has been accepted.


Viewing Transaction Log

This feature, selected from the Utilities Menu, allows you to review all transactions processed with your login and password.  Data are displayed in chronological order by date and time.

Selection is by date or date range only, defaulting to today.


Viewing Mailing Information

Within the Utilities menu option in CM/ECF there is a miscellaneous option to view Mailings...>Mailing Info for a case.  Attorneys can look at this information to see who is receiving service electronically and who is receiving paper service.



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