Menu Descriptions in CM/ECF

Access to the various modules are provided by the blue Main Menu Bar at  the top of the screen.  Each selection is a hyperlink to another set of options or hyperlinks allowing participants to file documents, query, view or print a docket sheet, and generate reports.


If you are filing a new bankruptcy petition or filing any documents in a bankruptcy proceeding, click Bankruptcy from the main menu.


If you are filing a new Adversary action or filing any document in an adversary proceeding, click Adversary to proceed.


Query allows you to view a variety of information about a case such as a list of attorneys or current status, as well as the docket sheet.  After identifying the case you want, you will see a menu of these choices.


From the Reports menu, you can run a variety of reports including a Case Report and Docket Report.


This option allows you to view a log of transactions you have made in ECF.  In addition, you can make Internet payments and view your Internet payment history.


A pop-up window appears allowing you to enter the text to be searched.


Allows you to logout the system.  Always use the Logout option when you have completed your work


Manual Chapter: 
Getting Started