How do I get copies of documents or certified copies?


There are two ways to get copies.

First, if you don’t need certified copies, the easiest way is through the internet at PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), an online service that lets you access, download, and print copies of case and docket information from all federal courts.  You have to first register for a PACER account free of charge at  PACER then charges ten cents ($0.10) per page for copies, the same that the court charges but without the trip to the courthouse or parking costs.  For larger documents, the maximum charge per document is capped at $3.00 (the equivalent of 30 pages).  PACER also charges for name searches, reports, such as lists of cases, and transcripts of court proceedings (when available online).  If your charges do not exceed $15 in a quarter, your fees are completely waived, so copies printed that quarter are free.

Please Note: Restricted Access to Certain Documents in PACER

Judicial Conference privacy policy restricts PACER access to bankruptcy cases filed before December 1, 2003, and closed for more than one year.  In these older closed cases, the docket sheet and docket information are available online through PACER, but access to other case documents is limited.  For information on accessing documents in a closed, pre-December 1, 2003 case, please see “Restricted Access to Certain Documents in PACER.”

Obtaining copies through PACER is simple and is strongly encouraged.  However, if you need a certified copy, the court can provide both certified and non-certified copies of court documents.  These documents may be obtained in person or by mail from a court divisional office.  For information about the costs and types of payment the court accepts, please see " Copy Request Procedure."

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