Copy Request Procedure

  • To obtain copies of documents from a closed “paper” file located at the Federal Records Center (FRC), please review the FRC Order Procedure.
  • Printed electronic copies can also be obtained in person or by mail by completing the Copy Request Form.
  • To obtain copies of all other documents located in a divisional office, complete the Copy Request Form.
  • Copy requests up to 100 pages will be processed by the Clerk’s Office within 48 hours.
  • Copy requests exceeding 100 pages may require additional time to process (up to 72 hours).
  • All copy request fees must be paid in advance.
  • Personal Checks and Cash ARE NOT accepted.
  • Payment must be made by money order, cashier’s check, attorney firm check, or non-debtor business check.


A completed Copy Request Form may be submitted in person, or by mail, at the appropriate court address listed below:

Oakland Division

1300 Clay Street #300

Oakland, CA 94612


San Francisco Division

450 Golden Gate Avenue,

18th Floor Mail Box 36099

San Francisco, CA 94102


San Jose Division

280 South First Street Room 3035

San Jose, CA 95113


Santa Rosa Division

99 South E Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95404